It was a horrific act and a holy response that brought our nation to its knees. You are invited to be part of the life affirming way forward as we begin to build and endow the Emanuel Nine Memorial. Your gift will help us move forward.

The Emanuel Nine Memorial
offers a prayer to the world:

God help us.
Help us bear witness
to the pain of inhumanity
and the goodness of life.
Heal us from the ravages of hate.
Help us embrace our spiritual freedom,
in order to bless this broken world.
Help us have faith always and never lose hope
so that love may live on through us.


If you would like to send a check to the Mother Emanuel Memorial Foundation, please mail to:

The Mother Emanuel Memorial Foundation
110 Calhoun Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

If you have any questions, please email the Executive Director, Kimberlyn Davis, at